August 21, 2010

Eclectic Mixup 5 – Moonlight Sonatas

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Does music sound better at night? Yes. And also no. Sometimes. These tracks do…

Mercedes Sosa – Balderrama

A beautiful, much-covered standard from Argentinian folk singer and activist Mercedes Sosa. Also works well soundtracking a flashback following the death of Che Guevara (see Steven Soderbergh’s 2008 biopic Che: A Revolutionary Life).

Pantha du Prince – Im Bann

Slice of added ambience from already ambient techno producer Hendrik Weber, AKA Pantha du Prince. Now working on Rough Trade Records, this is taken from third album Black Noise.

Camille – Lumière

French artist Camille Dalmais (Camille) has an unusual approach to songwriting/recording, inserting her voice in to the rhythmic and harmonic elements of her tracks. like some horrifying cross between Bjork’s Medulla and Bobby Mcferrin. Sounds rubbish, I know. This track taken, from the UK edition of 2005’s Le Fil, tones all that fancy business down a bit.

Jack Peñate – Tonight’s Today (Mickey Moonlight Mix 2)

Multiple Flavour-Of-The-Month winner Jack Peñate has his addictive highlife guitar-led anthem beefed up a bit, de-vocalised, and improved. A bit more at the livelier end of things, but nighttime listening all the same.

Gold Panda – Lonely Owl

Highly eclectic producer Gold Panda has finally emerged from out of his ‘in demand remixer’ box and released some of his own tracks in the form a series of EPs. Lonely Owl is taken from 2009’s Before.

Dengue Fever – Seeing Hands

Another one for the End of the Road crowd here. LA’s Dengue Fever perform a unique mix of psychedelic rock and Cambodian pop, and do it well. This psychotic creeper is from 2008’s Venus on Earth.

The Mgababa Queens – Akulaiwa Esoweto

I know very little about Soweto’s Mgababa Queens, but came across this piece of liquid-gold harmony on a mix by Ted Jahng taken from the brilliant Soul Sides blog (see blog links.)

Washed Out (feat. Caroline Polachek) – You and I

The undisputed king of (washed out) dream pop/chillwave blesses us with more of the same. This time Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek is on hand to add vocals over the warped cassette production.

Little Feat – Two Trains

Lastly just a quick tribute to Little Feat drummer Richie Hayward, who passed away earlier this month. Not strictly nighttime listening, but RIP all the same.

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