September 27, 2010

Recent Listening Mixup

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Music can be at once cathartic and inspiring, a soundtrack to the changing of the seasons or to the changing of situations, an expression of love, hate, enthusiasm, nonchalance and everything in between. And also sometimes it’s just good to listen to………

Junip – Rope & Summit

José González’ long running band Junip finally got a release for their debut Fields earlier this month. The sweet-voiced Swede is still the main focus, with his expressive picking and vocal brilliantly underpinned by drums and vintage keys. Looking forward to catching these guys at XOYO in London next week.

Nacho Patrol – Africa Space Program

Very little information exists on Nacho Patrol as yet (well, not from googling them anyway), but what is known is that Danny Wolfers, Jimi Helinga and Marc Alberto lead the way in the relatively small field of ‘futuristic-psychedelic-afro-funk’ (TM Essentially Eclectic). This is the delightfully frantic opener to new EP Futuristic Abada. GET IT NOW!

B.B. King – All Over Again (live)

A dip in to music’s lost archives here (of course made possible by the extensive cataloguing of the internet) with a version of B.B King’s All Over Again live on Ralph Gleason’s Jazz Casual from 1968. Over some of the spookiest organ in blues, King strips away all hope with a raw, slow groove and defeated opening verse of

I’ve got a good mind to give up living
And go shopping instead
I say, I’ve got a good mind to give up living
And go shopping instead

To pick up me a tombstone
And be pronounced dead

Big thanks to RM for the heads up on this one…

Still Corners – Don’t Fall In Love

One big tick in the ‘pros’ column of the iPod/shuffle/blog generation is the ease in getting hold of single tracks by bands, the majority of whose output you aren’t a great fan. This is the case with London’s Still Corners, who’s Spector-esque, reverb-drenched productions are a little too much for me. However, Don’t Fall In Love gets it spot-on, and has been the soundtrack to my last couple of months.

Gold Panda – Back Home

A bit more of the great Gold Panda while I wait for his album to be released properly…

That’s your lot. Until next time………


  1. […] After a releasing a string of EPs and racking up a number of fairly high-profile production credits over the last few years, Peckham’s Gold Panda finally delivered his debut full length this month. Same Dream China has hints of early Four Tet in its use of Gamelan instrumentation, before breaking out into an off-kilter electro-beat du jour. For more Gold Panda, check out Back Home from a recent Essentially Eclectic Mixup HERE. […]

  2. […] on EE before on a previous mixup, any excuse to post up the brilliantly rampaging Africa Space Program by Nacho Patrol will be […]

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