January 11, 2011

Eclectic Mixup – Latecomers 2010, Newcomers 2011

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Good day all, happy new year and all that. Just a bit of housekeeping here to tie up some loose ends and start the new year afresh. Here are a few tracks that didn’t make the Essentially Eclectic 2010 list for one reason or another (forgot, obtained too late, change of heart etc). Keep listening, don’t touch that dial…


White Hinterland – Icarus

White Hinterland’s Kairos album, released back in March, didn’t arrive in my ears until a couple of weeks ago, but is a great listen from front to back. Interesting production, and angelic vocals that successfully fail to set teeth on edge.

Persian Rugs – Always All

Always All appears to be the only track recorded by Persian Rugs to date (or at least the only one they are willing to share), not that lack of material holds bands back anymore. My personal attraction to this track could be something to do with an ongoing attempt to augment Teenage Riot in the wistful guitar music folder in my head.

Kurt Vile – My Best Friends (Don’t Even Pass This Way Again)

Damien Jurado – With Lightning In Your Hands

Two track grouped together mainly because they are both men-with-guitars. Kurt Vile’s My Best Friends…from the off-puttingly titled God is Saying This to You was the best track from yet another overly prolific year, while Damien Jurado’s quietly crafted harmonies that frame his songwriting are best demonstrated on With Lightening in your Hands from Saint Bartlett.


John Roberts – Navy Blue

Beautiful Bells – Jungle Overview

Actress – Hubble

You only have to glance at the Essentially Eclectic Top 40 of 2010 to understand how good last year was for electronic-based music, whether it’s the enlightening house of John Roberts’ fantastic Glass Eights album, the sketchy rhythms of Beautiful Bells, or the moody and muddy Hubble from Werk Discs’ own Actress.


Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill

Despite giving debut album Treats a not-so-favourable review a few months ago (the vast majority of which I stand by), Sleigh Bells’ Rill Rill track has wormed its way into my ear and set up camp. Damn it. Good use of Funkadelic’s Can You Get To That too.


Kisses – People Can Do The Most Amazing Things

Regardless of the atrocious band name, People Can Do The Most Amazing Things was perhaps the most glaring omission from the Essentially Eclectic Top 40 of 2010. Brilliant melody writing on show here, and one of the more successful ’80s production imitations from 2010.


Linda Perhacs – Chimacum Rain

And Finally…

Originally released in 1970 as the opening track to her first and only album Parallelograms, Linda Perhacs’ distressingly beautiful Chimacum Rain gets a full 4 LP re-release this year from tastemaker label Mexican Summer.



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