February 8, 2011

Single Review: Luke Girvan – Ego, You Go

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Luke Girvan – Ego, You Go (Single)

Reverie Seven Records

Young singer-songwriter Luke Girvan got his start playing guitar for Queen live at Wembley in ’86 (albeit air guitar in front of his bedroom mirror), and has since steadily been building his name as a solo artist armed with a slew of hits and a trusty Strat.

Girvan’s musical history is rich and complex, from the customary classic rock diet and the classical influences of his sisters as a child, to a professional musical education at TechMusic School in London. This has resulted in a compositional poise that belies his 24 years – the young musician excelling in both musicianship and song craft. Recently teaming up with London-based independent Reverie Seven Records, Girvan has started work developing his debut album, and has finished work on its first single, Ego You Go, due for release on April 18th.

Ego, You Go is a catchy pop-rocker of a single: equal parts likeable and inoffensive; it audibly wipes its feet before entering your head and refusing to leave. Underpinned by a Red Hot Chili Peppers circa 1991 guitar riff, the track is mixed for the FM playlist, ensuring Girvan’s vocal sits clearly above a careful blend of accompanying players. Lyrically Girvan may be guilty of tripping over the odd cliché here and there, but the feeling in his reproachful damning of a love done wrong is genuine. Accusatory lines such as “now you’ve got yourself in a complicated mess/you should have thought your future out before you started to undress” are delivered with sufficient bite, before Girvan himself shreds a guitar solo over the fade out.

A more than promising debut for a young musician who clearly has focus and talent; expect to hear a lot more from him and the Reverie Seven team before the year is out…


Hear a Ego, You Go over at Reverb Nation HERE

Visit ReverieSeven Records HERE

Details for Ego, You Go launch party can be found HERE

Tickets on sale HERE

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