February 24, 2011

Review: Kahn – ‘Like we used to/Helter Skelter’ 12″

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Kahn – Like we used to/HelterSkelter 12”

Punch Drunk

Bristol, a city with an undeniably rich history in electronic music, struck again in 2006 with the formation of Punch Drunk Records. The imprint serves to highlight the burgeoning dubstep movement in the genre’s biggest home outside the capital, releasing work from such luminaries as Shackleton and Bass Clef, and operates out of the city’s spiritual home for all things underground: Rooted Records.

Its latest triumph comes in the shape of Kahn, a producer already established on the city’s DJ circuit, who releases his debut for the label, the 12” split ‘Like we Used to/Helter Skelter’ on the 28th February. A riotous mix of dubstep production sensibilities and mature compositional poise, the release sets a new benchmark for the contemporaries of the able Bristolian.

‘Helter Skelter’ drills an insistent synth reminiscent of Gold Panda’s ‘Snow and Taxis’ deep into the rhythm centres of the brain, layering beats indebted to old 2-step styles over sufficiently deep sub frequencies. Kahn’s skill of maintaining the track’s danceable qualities while simultaneously wreaking organised synth havoc is impressive.

The business end of this release, however, can be found on the flipside in the shape of the glorious ‘Like we used to’; a strong contender for the year’s first dubstep cult classic. Chopped vocal samples, occasionally forming the track’s title among nonsensical syllables, sit atop a melancholic groove, both nostalgic and futuristic in nature. But it quickly becomes clear that the track is quite literally breathing, from synths that rhythmically inhale and exhale underneath pulsating beats, to the breathy vocal slices that gasp for air.

The result is an exultant production, hopefully one indicative of what else might be to come from this exciting producer and his progressive label.


Check out some previews HERE and HERE


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