June 8, 2011

Featured Artist: Speechy Nicholson

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Introducing: Speechy Nicholson – an instrumental beats producer with an organic sound. Nicholson’s productions are based on chopped and flipped samples, with an emphasis on rhythm and feeling. BPMs tend to be in the slower regions. Best enjoyed after dark…

I’ve been meaning to post about Valencia-based producer Speechy Nicholson for a while now, and have been spurred into action by recently receiving yet more material through the email.

These latest tracks are from Nicholson’s new project Yacht Breaks, a collection of instrumental beats inspired by – and aspiring towards – a sonic aesthetic first developed in the mid-’70s known as ‘Yacht Rock’ (although not christened as such until this great online series): a smooth soft rock style peddled by the likes of The Doobie Brothers, Toto, Loggins & Messina, and Hall and Oates.

Although the inspiration Nicholson has taken from this is purely conceptual – and from the samples I’ve heard from the project so far there is no hint of parody or pastiche – these are definitely jams to soundtrack a sunset cruise, and I promise I will direct  attention to Yacht Breaks upon its completion.

However,  following on from the appearance of ‘Caught in Your Rain’ in last month’s Sunday Mixup, the tracks below are from a selection of earlier Nicholson work – although at the rate this guy puts tracks together, not that much earlier. They are taken from the three collections Prelude, Drips from the Other Tap, and Speechy Nic.

All three are available FOR FREE from Nicholson’s Bandcamp page HERE.

Also, keep up with all things Speechy Nicholson over at his Tumblr HERE.

Speechy Nicholson – Pebble – Taken from Prelude

Speechy Nicholson – Talk It Out Taken from Speechy Nic

Speechy Nicholson – Ratico 100 Taken from Speechy Nic

Speechy Nicholson – What Is A Man Taken from Drips from the Other Tap

Speechy Nicholson – Is You Taken from Speechy Nic

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