October 12, 2011

EE Mixup: Autumn Comin’ On…

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It’s been a while since the last EE Mixup (in fact, it was a Sunday way back in May), but with the browning of the leaves and the greying of the skies the time has come for the annual Autumn collection…

Warpaint – Billie Holiday (Steve Mackey Radio Edit)

It’s no secret that Warpaint are a favourite at Essentially Eclectic, so any excuse to play the California quartet is fine with us. This ‘My Guy’-referencing version of ‘Billie Holiday’ is comes from the recent deluxe edition release of last year’s debut album The Fool, and features some deft reworking from Pulp’s Steve Mackey.

Evenings – Genève

This floating slice of piano-tickling ambience from Virginia native Nathan Broaddus, working under the name Evenings, comes from the producer’s second stunning collection entitled Lately. I urge you to get hold of the whole thing at the Evenings bandcamp HERE.

DRC Music – Hallo (feat. Tout Puissant Mukalom & Nelly Liyemge)

Damon Albarn’s latest project saw the Gorillaz man and a few cronies (beatsmiths Actress and Dan the Automator among them) head to the Democratic Republic of Congo with the intention of collaborating with local producers and making an album in 7 days. The resulting release, Kinshasa One Two, is an intriguing chapter in the seemingly never-ending story of Western exposure to “world” music (eurgh), as the collaborations are largely electronic in nature. Although only reflecting a miniscule corner of Central African musical styles, it’s nonetheless an interesting collection, and this infectious opener sees Albarn himself trading verses with Tout Puissant Mukalom & Nelly Liyemge.

Balam Acab – Apart

A strong, strong contender for the EE ‘album of the year’, Balam Acab’s Wander/Wonder is an astounding 8 tracks of yearning, sighing, slow-paced electronic ear candy that should  mandatorily be in every collection come the winter, where its crackling beats and ghost-in-the-night vocal samples will be yet more haunting then they are now.

St. Vincent – Strange Mercy

Arriving late at the St. Vincent party, it was initially hard to get my bearings. But slowly I began to warm to Annie Clark’s idiosyncratic form of melodrama, helped largely by the fantastic production work on recent album Strange Mercy. Here’s the soothing title track.

The War on Drugs – Brothers

It’s no surprise that another EE favourite, Kurt Vile, was once a member of The War on Drugs. Vile’s languid style was obviously forged in the band’s fire, alongside frontman Adam Granduciel. ‘Brothers’ is from the Future Weather EP, a fitting precursor to this year’s fantastic Slave Ambient album.

Note: On first impressions, the new Bjork album, Biophilia, would have a couple of strong contenders for this list. Having only had it for a couple of days however, it seems inevitable that those couple of tracks will be changing daily for the next couple of weeks. Watch this space for an update…

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