February 20, 2012

Review: Randomer – ‘Scruff Box/Get Yourself Together’

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Randomer – ‘Scruff Box’/’Get Yourself Together’

Hemlock Recordings

Rohan Walder has come a long way in a short space of time. His Randomer moniker has flitted, chameleon-like, between different styles, labels and remix projects, from some heavy D&B work for Hospital through to the broken beat of ‘Puzzled’ – his contribution to the fantastic Future Bass series from Soul Jazz Records.

This split single for Hemlock sees Walder continuing with his line of rough and tough house bangers last spotted on the ‘Real Talk’ single for Numbers a couple of months ago. It’s A-side, ‘Scruff Box’, is hard as hell, going straight for the jugular with blasts of distorted sawtooth bass and clinical beats. Characteristically mangled percussive breaks allow Walder to flex his skills, keeping the needles firmly in the red throughout, before the track disappears, leaving behind only a cloud of brick dust and a couple of ruined bass bins.

‘Get Yourself Together’ creeps its way in over insistent kicks and eerie tones, before unleashing a similar ferocity to that of its flipside. A whispered vocal sporadically repeats the track’s title, something that’s easier-said-than-done with the levels of insanity the bass drop brings to proceedings. It’s a menacing beast of a track, one that shows Walder’s way with both hard-hitting beats and command of mood and ambience. Combined with ‘Scruff Box’s aural assault, Hemlock are definitely on to a winner here…

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