April 23, 2012

Review: Poliça – ‘Give You The Ghost’

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Poliça – Give You The Ghost

Memphis Industries

Ryan Nelson’s previous incarnation as the creator of Gayngs; a multi-legged beast of seventies AOR who recorded every track for 2010’s Relayted at a hypnotic and innuendo-laden 69bpm, provides the touchstone for his latest project, Poliça. Another freeform collective pivoting around the heavily auto-tuned vocals of Channy Leanagh, the group’s debut is a groove-led slow-burner full of synths and ghostly hooks. ‘I See My Mother’ and the idiosyncratic funk of ‘Dark Star’ are the leading lights in a strong set that occasionally drifts off into the mire (see the Mike Noyce-featuring ‘Lay Your Cards Out’), but Give You The Ghost includes enough moments of peculiar delight to earn its stripes.

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