Andy Mac – ‘Everytime/Asteroid Belts’ (12″ Review)

Andy Mac – Everytime/Asteroid Belts 12″

Punch Drunk

Punch Drunk head Peverelist struck gold back in February with the discovery and subsequent release of Kahn’s ‘Like We Used To’, and appears to have panned yet more of the precious stuff from the rich goldmines of Bristol with Andy Mac’s debut 12”, ‘Everytime/Asteroid Belts’.

As a producer, Mac seems all too aware of the current trend in bass music in looking backwards to move forwards, and the coarse, unforgiving drum production and early house inflections of both ‘Everytime’ and ‘Asteroid Belts’ demonstrate more than a passing awareness of the ancestral line he is following.

A-side ‘Everytime’ warms up the initial thumping kick loop with crackling layers of keys and soothing vocal notes, and variations and development on these themes sit nicely on top of growing layers of rhythm loops. The track ebbs and flows faultlessly, building to a satisfying head before breaking down into its component parts once again. However, Mac obviously likes to keep things simple, and – bar the odd drop and light reverb touches – the arrangement is largely basic and straightforward. Not in the repetitive sense of the genre, but in a possible lack of adventure and inventive spark.

This reluctance to overcomplicate matters works to much greater effect on ‘Asteroid Belts’. The track stomps into being with an intent and determination missing from its neighbour, and retains its initial momentum throughout as various phased synth lines and vocal snippets materialise and drop out at all the right intervals. The track leaves as it arrives, breaking down to the beat’s bare bones before slipping away without leaving too much of an indelible mark on the memory.

While not commanding the creativity and exciting approach of other recent Punch Drunk up-and-comers, Andy Mac’s command of a decent dancefloor tune certainly doesn’t disappoint, and the young producer definitely deserves a role in Bristol’s latest assault on the bass music world.

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