August 28, 2012

Live: Holy Other @ Rescue Rooms, Nottingham. 26/08/2012

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Photo: Ronan Miller

Manchester producer Holy Other has worked hard to cultivate an air of mystery around himself in the run up to the release of debut album ‘Held’. Live appearances covered by a ghostly cowl and a refusal to give his real name in interviews have added to the Burial-style intrigue, which is why it’s slightly surprising to see an unveiled and unassuming character take to the stage behind an array of knobs and wires at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms.

Wordlessly working through his dark, deconstructed inversions of post-dubstep, bathed in monochrome and dry ice, Holy Other proves a hypnotic performer. Tracks like opener ‘Tense Past’ and forthcoming album title track ‘Held’ marry deep, guttural drones with vocal fragments and rattling beats to create a strangely monastic feel. The tempos rarely move from snail pace, and the huge washes of reverb and synth tones form an air of strangely sombre optimism.

After a curt 45 minutes, Holy Other rather abruptly departs the stage, the dying embers of his final loop still ringing out, and the mesmeric spell is broken. It’s an engaging performance, one aided by a gloomy lighting setup and minimal, swaying visuals – a strong advert for ‘Held’ on the eve of its release.

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