May 20, 2011

Review: Vessel – ‘Nylon Sunset’ 12″

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Vessel – Nylon Sunset


If further proof of Bristol’s sky-high status in the bass music world was required, then left_blank – a brand new London-based label founded by Patrick Hanrahan and Ross Tones (better known as producer Throwing Snow) – have provided it by mining the city’s seemingly endless talent pool for their first release.

‘Nylon Sunset’, a debut 12” from Sebastian Gainsbrough (under the alias Vessel), is as good a first release any fledgling label could hope to produce, and it comes as no surprise when pressing play that Gainsbrough himself comes from the Young Echo collective that also includes amongst its ranks Punch Drunk producer Kahn. In fact, Punch Drunk’s fingerprints are all over this 12”, with label head Peverelist providing a devastating 2-step
remix of the title track.

Bouncy, pulsing opener ‘Ton’ seems to display symptoms of paranoia – though it’s hard to put your finger on why, increasing the feeling considerably. Haunted keys and disembodied vocals flit between FaltyDL type beats, though muted in character. It’s a feel that’s echoed on ‘Nylon Sunset’ (which closes the flipside), where Gainsbrough faultlessly implements his assured brand of minimal techno under flickering synths and a kinetic

‘Blushes’ maintains the neurotic tone with a more minimal feel; a sparse soundscape on which Gainsbrough throws distant vocals and intermittent basslines, and it makes perfect sense that left_blank would be affiliated with another London-based bastion of pioneering beat music, Pictures Music.

Nylon Sunset acts as a great indication of Gainsbrough’s skills and range as a producer, and is hopefully indicative of what we can expect from the left_blank team in the future.

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